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Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Electrical Hazards

The Season is changing and many homeowners begin Spring Cleaning. As you clean your house,keep an eye out for these electrical hazards.

  • Extension Cords- As you clean this Spring, make sure you do not have extension cords running across your floor. Its a tripping hazard. Also, make sure extension cords are not under carpets, draped through bushes, or nailed to walls. This is a fire hazard.

  • Smoke Detectors - Spring is always a great time to check the batteries on your smoke detectors. Also, if you find your smoke dectectors are dusty, gently brush them with a vacuum to avoid a false alarm.

  • Circuits and Outlets - Check for faulty circuits and outlets. Check for discolored switches or switches that feel warm to the touch. If you have circuits that trip frequently or fuses that blow frequently, give us a call to come check the breakers out.

  • Unsuitable Light Bulbs - If you use the wrong CFL bulb, you can cause a house fire. Always make sure you are using the correct bulb for the light or fixture.

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