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Halloween Safety Tips

Summer is over and it’s now officially fall! We all know what that means - holiday decorating is just around the corner... Halloween starts the holiday season! When gearing up for this spooky night, keep the following safety tips in mind to make sure the electrical elements in and around your home are ideally maintained to minimize risk.

1. Examine each of the decorations as you un-box them for frayed wires, burnt out light bulbs and batteries that need replacing.

2. Install more outdoor outlets and check electrical cords for wear and tear. Remember that extension cords are only meant for temporary use. If you keep electrical decorations up during the holiday season, you should consider having additional outdoor outlets installed.

3. All outdoor electrical receptacles are required to be in GFI circuits to protect your home electrical grid. Before setting up your decorations, test each outdoor outlet to make sure it is still good.

4. Cover for your outdoor outlets with outdoor outlet covers

5. If you are going out, turn off your decorations.

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